Hello all, I chose to put up an "About" page to tell you a little about me & the zine.  My name is Mylissa. originally from Salem, MA I have had a major passion for music & have since I was 10.  Using my allowance I would run to the record store to find music to dance to & I would listen to those records (which most I still have) over & over, learning every word to every song, reading the album cover, following the bands in the magazines & putting the pictures on my walls, which for the most part I still do today, now the magazines/information is online & the pictures I put up vary.
When I was 15 I started going to concerts & my first concert was Journey.  I fell in love w/ going to concerts & have gone to so many that I can't remember what bands I have seen.  I have kept all my ticket stubs & passes, however, I did have a scrapbook full of tickets stubs, passes, photos & more stolen from me in 1992, so that kills me.  I don't understand why people steal & especially when they are my memories but what can I do?  I have another & it's full, I will have to start another book.    
In 1990 I decided to move to L.A. so I packed up my Camaro & drove across this beautiful country by myself.  I had some great adventures & it took me about 3 weeks, I was in no hurry!  I wanted to connect w/ the bands I have been fans of & I thought L.A. would bring me to bigger & better things that a small town would not have for me.  I made the right choice!  I LOVE living in L.A. I would never move back to the cold boring city that I hailed from although I usually visit once a year, I miss my family, friends & the food.
I used to write for a magazine called Odium, I was the West Coast Staff writer for the East Coast Magazine.  Due to jealousy I was let go & decided to start my own magazine.  Originally titled The Ostara News, which was named for the time I put it out, during what Christians call Easter, I am a Pagan & it was the beginning of Spring which is called Ostara.  On March 18, 1998 I released the first issue of The Ostara News.   People were afraid of the name or they just didn't get it so after trying to explain myself I changed the name in 2010 to The Long Beach City Area Metal Zine, which has transformed into the LB Metal Zine.  Hopefully having the word METAL in the title would explain what the magazine is about.  Well, the public is still getting used to it.  I make no money on this project whatsoever.  When printing costs got too expensive I decided to put it online only via my website & email.  
More changes have come, as I was putting it out every month & then decided to do it bi-monthly, it was a lot of work & I am just one person.  I do have a job, so between working, writing, taking photos, attending shows, editing/posting photos & updating a website it got too much for me to do the emailing.
Currently I have decided to upgrade my website so it can handle all the information so I can post weekly all the Metal/Hard Rock/Rock News that I come in contact w/ on a weekly basis, I also have a Twitter account.  I am constantly promoting what I do via various internet sites including Facebook www.facebook.com/LBCMetal, Instagram www.instagram.com/assilym666 & Twitter www.twitter.com/LBMetalZine as well as in person & emails.  I try to go to the shows that my readers care about.  I am not the best photographer, however I did get a professional camera & I do the best I can, I would love to have a professional photographer on my staff, but this is a non-paying gig so I have to do it all myself.  
My passion, love & hard work goes into this Magazine & I love music, today's music isn't the greatest but I do find a gem every now & again.  I do accept cd's from anyone & everyone, however, I am so busy I don't have much time to listen, let alone review.  I am looking for people who will help me. If it doesn't fit into my genre I won't write about it, if it does I will.  I won't like everything, I don't kiss ass & I DON'T LIE!  I know a lot of people think I am abrasive, I tell it like it is.  I usually respond to emails if it warrants one.  
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the music, the photos & the words aboutMETAL/HARD ROCK/ROCK which is happening in my world, I love to share my experiences & I know some people can't afford to go to shows or live in an area that doesn't have much going on, so maybe they will download some music, buy a cd & enjoy it like I did so many years ago. Email address:  lbcmetalzine@yahoo.com
Thank you for being here!